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    Jacqueline Davies | Nursing

    Mark Jones | Senior Lecturer and Programme Director for Adult Nursing | Nursing

    Both are great lecturers with great teaching skills. I have nominated them for the emotional and academic support I received when I was sick from 16th November 2017 to 5th January 2018. Jacqueline made sure that my worries and concerns were escalated to the right people and were resolved. She always emailed me to check on my health. Her reassurance kept me going. Mark has made sure that I have fully recovered from my illness before going back to placement and made plans for me to regain all lost clinical hours and skills. He was very patient with me and was not in a hurry to get me back to placement. I received a continuous support from both lecturers while I was sick and they also emailed after I recovered from my sickness to enquire how I am coping in my clinical placement. I have never received this kind of support whilst sick in my previous studies. Both lecturers went the extra mile to support me emotionally and academically. They were not just doing their jobs. I am still amazed and speechless at the support I have received from both lecturers. Thank you again, Jacqueline and Mark. You are great lecturers and worthy of this award for your great customer services skills.

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